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You should now know more about: How to get information about carer’s rights. The Law and carers. Employment rights for carers. Pensions. Advocacy for carers. How you can get involved in planning for the future needs of carers.

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This section of the web site is just for you the carer. To give you the support, information and advice you need to help you in this important role. Before and after the stroke you are partner, son/daughter, mother/father, sister/brother, … Continue reading

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Getting the help you need

View Text Alternative The following points to consider may help you get the help you need. Some conditions affect each other. For example stroke and diabetes or stroke and depression. All conditions should be taken into account when discussing what … Continue reading

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Carer Support

Only you will know what support is most useful to you and the person you care for. Your needs are important though many carers often put their own needs last. The following information should give you some options to try. … Continue reading

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How to communicate effectively – ways to get your questions answered (3)

Other things to bear in mind: View Text Alternative Time and Place. Choose an appropriate time and place away from distractions for both you and the person you are speaking to. Remember that hospital staff have to ensure the immediate … Continue reading

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In the early stages try not to make any major decisions such as selling property, giving up council tenancy, major housing adaptations, giving up work etc. until the possible future needs become clearer. Recovery from stroke can be a slow … Continue reading

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Ten Common questions after stroke

Why me? What causes a stroke? Are there any warning signs before a stroke happens? Does age have any bearing on stroke? Are strokes caused by high blood pressure? Does exercise help prevent a stroke? Why do you feel so … Continue reading

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