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By the end of this topic you should: Know more about training courses for carers Know about how to register as a carer with your GP Know about support for carers- useful contacts Know how to make contact with other … Continue reading

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You should now know more about: How to get information about carer’s rights. The Law and carers. Employment rights for carers. Pensions. Advocacy for carers. How you can get involved in planning for the future needs of carers.

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Getting the help you need

View Text Alternative The following points to consider may help you get the help you need. Some conditions affect each other. For example stroke and diabetes or stroke and depression. All conditions should be taken into account when discussing what … Continue reading

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How Family and Friends can help

When the person first has a stroke it not only affects them but it also affects family and close friends as well. There maybe sudden changes, stress and uncertainty for everyone. Friends and family may want to help but are … Continue reading

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