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By the end of this topic you should: Know what cognition means and the ways it can affect the person after a stroke. Know practical ways to help the person who has a cognition problem. Have some ideas about how … Continue reading

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Carrying out tasks

Daily tasks can become difficult for the person with cognitive problems. By practicing tasks with supervision at first , patterns may become re-established and sequences remembered. Routines and repetition can be helpful. Problem solving. Try to help the person think … Continue reading

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All about cognition

Cognition is all about the persons thinking ability. It includes things like planning, organising, problem solving and decision making. Cognition also includes control of our emotions, social skills, and behaviour. When a person has cognition problems after stroke it can … Continue reading

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Who they are and what they do?

View Text Alternative Medical: Medical history Neurological examination Blood tests Referral for CT or MRI scans Medication. aspirin, warfarin, thrombolysis, statins Detection and treatment of complications- infections,deep vein thrombosis, epileptic seizures Monitoring and reducing risk of further stroke. (secondary prevention) … Continue reading

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