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Driving and transport alternatives

3) Adapted cars/ Motability Scheme

AutoChair car adaptations

(1) Push/Pull hand controls, (2) steering wheel ball, (3) left foot accelerator, (4) easy release hand brake, (5) infrared controls, (6) rooftop wheelchair storage and (7) swivel seat. All photos provided with permission from Autochair.

In some instances the person may still be fit to drive but requires an adaptation to an existing car or would need an automatic car with additional adaptations.

To be eligible for a Motability car the person must receive the higher rate payment of Mobility Allowance or a War Pensions Mobility Supplement. For further details about eligibility see the Motability website.

This site also has useful information on VAT exemption for cars, electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Vehicle tax for disabled people and video clips or some common adaptations to cars. If you are eligible for motability, they offer car hire and hire purchase schemes.

Commonly used adaptations are;

  1. Push/Pull hand controls. Push forward to brake and pull back to accelerate.
  2. Steering wheel ball. To control the steering with one hand.
  3. Left foot accelerator.
  4. Easy release hand brake.
  5. Infrared controls on steering wheel.
  6. Rooftop wheelchair storage.
  7. Swivel seat.

For further details of eligibility for benefits allowances see Direct Gov website.

(Autochair specialise in the design and manufacture of wheelchair, scooter and person lifts/hoists and other driving aids to assist people with disabilities and reduced mobility.)