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Emergency situations

5) Emergency Care Plans – Formal emergency care plan

2. Formal emergency care plan
care worker and patient at home
This would involve an agreed emergency care plan with your local authority and primary care team following a care needs assessment. A temporary increase in your package of care could be put in place for example if you are ill yourself but you are still at home.

Some local authorities have a rapid response team which aims to support the person at home when possible, to avoid them being admitted to hospital or alternative care. For more information please read: Topic 2: Care At Home > Social Care > The Rapid Response Team.

If you have to go in to hospital as an emergency yourself, the emergency plan could include alternative admission to residential care or nursing home for the person if they have complex care needs until you are well enough to come home.

If your hospital admission is known in advance you can ask what respite arrangements could be made to give you some recovery time.