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Emergency situations

2) Emergency carer’s scheme

Some areas in Scotland operate an emergency carer’s scheme. This uses a card system which the carer carries with a PIN number and a contact telephone number so no personal information can be accessed if the card is lost. The emergency number operators can then access the relevant information and put into effect a previously agreed emergency plan. Check with your local carer centre if they have an emergency card scheme

  1. Angus – contact Emergency Card Scheme 01575 574192
  2. Borders Carers Centre 01896 752431 or info@borderscarers.co.uk

mobile phone with ICE contact information
Keep a list of emergency contact numbers beside your home phone and on your mobile phone. Add an ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact number to your mobile for someone who can be contacted day or night if possible.

Another alternative safeguard is to use a Message in a bottle scheme. This simple but lifesaving idea was developed in Scotland by a police officer and member of the Lions Club International. A small tube or bottle is placed inside the fridge and a sticker with a message in a bottle logo is placed on the inside of the front door of the house and another sticker on the door of the fridge. Inside the container are details of the persons emergency contacts, GP, list of medication and any other relevant medical information such as allergies. If ambulance , police or fire brigade are called out in an emergency they will recognise the logo and look for the persons details which are kept in the bottle. Check if this is available in your area from your GP, carer centre, community police or public library.