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Emergency situations

4) Emergency Care Plans – Informal emergency care plan

This is something you can think about in advance. You may have several options
An elderly asian lady with a younger member of her family
1. Informal emergency care plan.

You could arrange this yourself if you have willing family and friends who you can rely on to help you if an emergency occurs. It usually works best for short term and with people who’s care needs are not too complex, for example if you are running late or get stuck in traffic you may be able to call a friend or neighbour to call in to sit with the person until you get back.

If you have a large family who are willing to help, you could organise a list in priority order of which family member to contact at certain times of the day or night and on which days of the week they are available. Give a trusted neighbour a spare key in case you lose yours or they need access to the house in an emergency.