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15) Self directed support

Lady in wheelchair with carer walking dogs
You may choose to organise the services you need using self directed support. For example the person may want a personal assistant to help with transport and office type duties as well as care. A sum of money to fund the person’s care is agreed with the authority then either the person themselves or their carer has control of how and when this funding is spent. Your local authority social work team can advise you how to set up the care you are looking for. You could choose a combination of private agency and local authority care or employ a personal assistant yourself. In general there is more flexibility but there may also be disadvantages as you become an employer and you will need help with recruiting, screening checksĀ and the employment laws involved. A bill about the future development of self directed support is going through the Scottish Parliament. For more information please see:

If you have resources of your own you can arrange care privately if this would be more flexible to meet your needs. Be certain of the care you are looking for and get more than one quote if possible as costs may vary. For example private agencies may offer overnight sleepovers but this can be very expensive if this is needed on a regular basis (this is not usually offered as part of a social work care package but in some areas there may be an evening or overnight call in service).