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Money and benefits

2) Summary of the existing benefits system (1)

As a carer you may be able to apply for the following benefits:

  • Carers Allowance-you have to be carer for at least 35 hours a week but you do not have to live with the person you are caring for.There is a limit to the amount of money you can be earning and still claim for this benefit
  • Income Support -If your income is low because of your carer role.

If the person you care for is unable to work due to disability after stroke they may be able to apply for:

  • Statutory Sick Pay– for up to 28 weeks if they are still employed but are not self employed.
  • Disability Living Allowance – a non contributory benefit which is for disabled people who are under 65 ( This benefit will be phased out and replaced by a Personal  Independent Payment from April 2013 onwards) For those who are claiming Disability Living Allowance now, the government will advise individuals when they should apply for Personal Independence Payment from autumn 2015 onwards
  • Attendance Allowance – a non contributory benefit for people over 65
  • Employment and Support Allowance** -Contributory ESA is paid to people who have paid the relevant national insurance contributions. Income related ESA is means tested and is paid to people who’s income is low enough. In addition the person must have a Work Capability Assessment or WCA to show they are unfit for work.

**Since October 2008, people of working age who are unable to work because of ill health have been able to claim Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). They have to have a Work Capability Assessment to check if they qualify for this benefit. Before October 2008, the benefit for people who can’t work because they were too ill, was Incapacity Benefit or Income Support on the grounds of ill health. Some people are still getting this benefit but gradually these people will be moved over to the new ESA. They will be told by the department of work and pensions when this is going to happen to them.