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Money and benefits

14) The Carer Needs Assessment- what next?

Once you have had your Carers Needs Assessment you should be given a care plan with details of any agreed changes to services and if you are eligible to access these services. Remember that the person who had the stroke can ask for their own Care Needs Assessment which applies only to their needs. If a need has been identified and you are eligible you cannot be refused a service on the basis of lack of money or resources.

  • Sometimes this will mean access to agency carers rather than local authority staff.
  • There may be waiting lists for services.
  • Timing of care workers visits may not be flexible.
  • Any costs should be made clear.
  • The Carer Needs Assessment or a Care Needs Assessment should be reviewed at least annually or sooner if circumstances change for either you or the person you are caring for.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the assessment you can get advice or help to appeal any decision from the Citizens Advice Bureau or your local Carer Centre. They can also help make a formal complaint using the local authority complaints procedures.