7. Carers’ rights

Carers’ rights

10) What to do if you have a complaint

In general you should try to get information directly from the organisation you have the complaint against as most large organisations will have standard complaints procedures. Local authorities, care homes and care services and the NHS all have complaints procedures.

There are usually three steps.

  1. Informal complaints. This gives you the chance to make your complaint directly to the person or organisation involved and gives them a chance to put things right and resolve the issue. You should ask how long it will take to resolve the complaint and if you do not feel satisfied with the outcome you can then ask for the formal complaints procedure.
  2. Formal complaints. These must be made in writing. Sometimes you will have to fill in a specified complaints form. By asking for the formal complaints procedure you will get all the information you need and details of how long the organisation will take to investigate and respond to your complaint. If you are complaining on behalf of the person you care for they may also be given copies of the outcome of your complaint.
  3. Review/ Appeal. If you are still not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint there will usually be a procedure for an appeal or review by an independent panel or person.

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