7. Carers’ rights

Carers’ rights

5) Application to request flexible working

You must apply in writing. If you work for a large organisation they may have a policy in your human resources department which can help. There may be a standard form for you to complete. Think about any advantages to the employer which can support your request. For example if you want to compress your working hours into fewer days, the employer will still get the same number of hours and will not have to recruit someone else to back up your work.

You can request a permanent change or offer to do a trial period so both you and the employer will see if the new arrangements are working.

Flexible working can have advantages for employers

  • Retains skilled and loyal staff.
  • Reduces stress in the work place.
  • Reduces sick leave.
  • Saves money on expensive recruiting costs.
  • Improves people management.
  • Avoids the need for training expenses by keeping staff who are experienced.

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