7. Carers’ rights

Carers’ rights

8) Alternatives to consider

money bagAlternatives if you want to continue to work

  • Take some paid or unpaid leave to allow you time to sort out arrangements or to decide what you want to do in the longer term.
  • Take a career break. Some employers will allow this.
  • Review your needs and ask for extra help at home or consider buying in extra help for the hours when you need it most.

Alternatives if you are considering giving up work

  • Voluntary redundancy. Depending on your length of employment within the same workplace this may offer a better financial gain.
  • Early retirement. If you are nearing retirement age discuss this option with your employer. You may be entitled to a lump sum payment now or you may still have to wait until your official retirement date.

Things to consider before you give up work.

  • Will you be able to manage on less money? Do you know how much you might be entitled to claim in benefits or are your own savings going to provide an income?
  • Be realistic. Can you give up your independence and social contacts at work if you leave?
  • Pension If you leave, how will this affect your future pension rights?
  • Costs Will you be able to cover costs involved in care if you give up working?
  • Extra help Can you get extra help at home?

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