2. The hospital team

The hospital team

6) The Care Needs Assessment

Member of staff on the telephone
The person should have a single shared or care needs assessment in hospital so any services they require can be arranged. If the person has not been offered a needs assessment you should ask for this. If the person is able to go home very quickly and does not have a care needs assessment ,this can be done in the community by the local authority social work team. Their care needs will be discussed and a care plan is put together. Some care has a financial charge but you should be told about this at the time of the assessment. They should also be told about any delays or waiting time for services. Because this is a needs led service all their care needs should be included.

Carers are also entitled to a Carer Needs Assessment so your own needs can be assessed. If you or the person you care for has not been offered an assessment you can ask for this.