2. The hospital team

The hospital team

10) Alternatives to going home

Moving on policy

If the person needs a care home placement on discharge from hospital they will usually be asked to identify at least three possible alternative care homes. The person can put these choices in order of preference but if their first choice does not have a vacancy or has a long waiting list they would be expected to move to a care home which can meet the persons needs with a vacancy. This can be a temporary arrangement until a place becomes available in their first choice care home . Individual health boards have their own guidelines on “moving on” from hospital and staff should be able to supply you with a copy.

NHS Continuing Care

This is available for people who require continued ongoing medical care which cannot be provided by a non NHS facility e.g. private nursing home.This decision about which patients require NHS continuing care is based on a mulitdisciplinary assessment of the patients care needs. These patients will usually have complicated medical and nursing needs which may be unpredictable, unstable or rapid decline in the patient is expected. Some health board areas have agreements to fund care for terminally ill patients in hospices. The patients consultant will make the final decision after considering all the medical evidence and care reports. However if you are unhappy with the decision it is best to make an appointment to discuss further with the consultant. NHS boards have appeals proceedures to help resolve ongoing disagreements. For more information on choosing a nursing or care home see topic 6 Support for you the carer on this website.

Palliative or end of life care

Each health board has a policy guideline for patients who need end of life care. Palliative care can be provided in the persons own home with specialist nursing input or within an NHS facility or hospice. For more information on end of life care see topic 6 Support for you the carer on this website.

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