2. The hospital team

The hospital team

2) Discharge – What to expect

Advanced notice of the discharge Equipment Disposables
You should have a chance to ask questions.In situations of high demand for hospital beds notice of discharge can be short but you should still be given advanced notice. Any equipment essential for discharge should be in place before the patient returns home. Arrangements for delivery and supply of non essential equipment should be included in the discharge planning. thick and easy thickenerSome wards will give carers a small supply of essential disposable equipment until community supplies can be delivered. Hospital staff should ensure supplies will be ordered by the community at discharge.
Medication The Discharge Plan Transport arrangements
Patients should be given a supply of medication and a list of when to take it. Ask about any side effects.This should be explained to you by the nurse or pharmacist. Some local pharmacies have arrangements with GP surgeries to collect repeat prescriptions and deliver medication to your home. The hospital will make the immediate discharge letter and a copy will be sent to your GP. The patient should be given a copy. You should be informed of any transport arrangements. You may be asked if you can collect the person or meet them at home if being discharged by ambulance. Ward staff do not always know when ambulance transport will arrive but you can ask if they will call you when the person is about to leave the ward.

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