2. The hospital team

The hospital team

11) How to communicate effectively – ways to get your questions answered (1)

The ward may offer:

The ward may offer:
Relatives Meetings Appointments Written Information Therapy?
Relatives meetingIf the ward has relatives meetings try to attend. Informal communication is a good way to get to speak to the professionals who are involved in the care. If you can’t get to the meeting ask to be given any handouts or written information AppointmentIf you have made an appointment with hospital staff it may be useful to take a list of your questions with you so you do not forget anything you wanted to ask. Check to see if these questions can be grouped into a few important areas rather than presenting staff with a long list. You could take another person with you for support. Information leafletsAsk if there is any written information you can take away with you about the subjects you want to know more about. Therapy  sessionIt is often useful to make arrangements in advance to speak to therapists or see the patient during a therapy session. (It may not be allowed if the patient is distracted during therapy). This gives an opportunity to ask questions and see progress being made or to show you what the patient can do for themselves or how you can help them with more difficult tasks.

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You could also discuss possible questions with the Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland (CHSS) Advice Line before you meet with hospital or social work staff. This may help you to discuss your own situation and clarify what you may need to ask. The Advice Line number is 0808 8010899. This is a free phone from UK landlines and most mobile networks. They can also be contacted on facebook and twitter.

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