2. The hospital team

The hospital team

12) How to communicate effectively – ways to get your questions answered (2)

Useful to find out yourself:

Useful to find out yourself:
Names and Numbers. Let me Help. Rules. Who’s in charge?
Taking note of telephone numbersIt may be useful to write down the names of the staff you have spoken to and ask for a contact number. Most stroke units will operate a  system where one nurse or therapist is the key contact person. The therapy staff can also be contacted by phone or appointment. Ask if there are activities to help the persons recovery which can be done by visitors at weekends or evenings when therapy staff are away. No food allowedSome hospitals have strict rules about visiting times, patient rest periods and relatives bringing in food for patients. If in doubt ask. Case managerThe senior doctor or senior nurse are in charge of medical or nursing care. Social services and local authority staff often operate by allocating a key worker or case manager to each person they are involved with. Find out the name and contact number of the case manager. This will save you time if you know who you should be speaking with to answer your questions or make arrangements.

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