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Swallowing, eating and nutrition

7) Equipment which may help one handed eating

Feeding aids can help to encourage the persons independence. Some equipment may be available by mail order or from a local disability equipment shop. As the person recovers try using normal cutlery and crockery.

Large grip cups Non slip mat Large grip cutlery
Plate guard – fits on to a normal dinner plate and helps stop food being pushed off the plate One way valve straws, sometimes known as Pat Saunders Straws ( for people who have weak suck or poor at breath holding coordination) Crockery with raised edges – to prevent food being pushed off the plate
Insulated plates and cups – for people who are slower eaters Flexible cutlery – wraps around the hand for the person with weak grip Beakers with spout or non spill lids.

Photos are provided with permission from NRS Healthcare: https://www.nrshealthcare.co.uk