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Psychological issues

7) Stress

Man holding his head in his hands

Stress affects every one of us at sometime or other and we all have different ways of coping with it.

The body responds by increasing adrenalin, heart rate and blood pressure. This is our fight or flight response. We have this to protect us from immediate dangers and to make us ready to act quickly if we need to.

Stress and frustration can occur after stroke if the person is unable to manage a task they used to do well.

A small amount of stress can actually be useful to make us focus on a task. However stress can become a physical problem as well as a psychological one if the stress is prolonged at a high level.

Stress is common among carers. If you feel stressed seek help.

For more information please see: Topic 6: Support for you the carer > Looking after your own health and wellbeing for more information.