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Perceptual Problems

8) Practical advice for inattention or neglect 2


Simple games like dominoes can be used to practice looking to the affected side

Scanning. Practice scanning (by looking for static objects on the affected side or at objects as they move across the line of vision from side to side) The person can improve with practice. This can be slow and requires a lot of repetition.

  • Simple games like dominoes or connect four can be used to practice looking to the affected side. As they improve give fewer prompts.
  • Therapists often use pen and paper tasks to help with finding objects. Word searches, describing a scene in a picture, simple spot the difference puzzles.
  • Any task which can emphasise scanning to the affected side will help. You could try this at home using group photographs where the person has to look and scan across the picture and name who they can see. Scanning across a headline on a newspaper. Look at objects in line on a shelf and describe them.
  • Try putting the persons watch on the affected wrist so they have to look to find it.
  • Neglect or inattention can have a dramatic effect on the persons ability to walk. They may need close supervision to avoid bumping into obstacles such as door frames, furniture or other people. De cluttering their surroundings can help.
  • Kitchen tasks can be a risk if the person cannot tell when their affected arm is near hot objects. Try making lots of space and when using cooker and get the person to sit or stand side ways to it with the unaffected side nearest the cooker. As the person improves with their scanning, try and stand facing the cooker but still stay near by until their safety and awareness improves.

You can print this page as a reminder for the tips to try at home.