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Perceptual Problems

7) Practical advice for inattention or neglect 1

Patient sitting in midline

  • A verbal and a physical prompt may be needed to get the person to actively look to the affected side. For example “ Look for your fork on the left of the plate” Take the persons unaffected hand and guide it towards the fork crossing from side to side.
  • Positioning the person in the early stages can help. The head should be facing forward so they see someone coming towards them and then they have to follow that person as they walk past on the affected side.The person maybe startled if they hear you approaching but cannot see you. Therapists will try to keep the persons head in the middle line of the body by encouraging this position when sitting in a chair or in bed.
  • Cues. Sometimes in hospital ward situations the person will be sitting at a table which has a taped line down the middle so that they can practice looking towards the line and beyond it. They may be given reminders to look towards the affected side for objects or personal items.