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9) SIGN Guidelines for stroke and carer information

What are SIGN Guidelines? SIGN ( Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network) These publications are based on the best or strongest evidenced medical research available at the time of publication. They are used as the base for best clinical practice in hospital and community.Although published in Scotland the evidence is gathered from stroke research across the world. The guidelines are reviewed and updated when necessary.  Sections are recorded from A to D with A being the most strong researched evidence for a treatment. If there is insufficient published research on a topic, a good practice recommendation can be made.

  • Guideline 118 Management of patients with stroke: Rehabilitation,Prevention and management of complications and discharge planning
    This guideline provides recommendations based on current evidence for best practice in the management of stroke rehabilitation. The aim of this national guideline is to assist individual clinicians, primary care teams, hospital departments, and hospitals to optimise their management of stroke patients with an emphasis on the first 12 months after stroke. This guideline has a section relevent to carers issues in sections 7.1 and 7.2 of the full guideline. SIGN guideline 118 – Quick Reference [.pdf]
  • Guideline 119 Management of patients with stroke: identification and management of dysphagia Dysphagia and swallowing problems.. This also has a SIGN Guideline 119 – quick reference [.pdf].
  • Guideline 108 Management of patients with stroke or TIA: assessment,investigation, immediate management and secondary prevention is available as a quick reference guide as a patients and carers booklet at the following link SIGN guideline 108 – quick reference [.pdf]
  • Rehabilitation after a stroke: A booklet for patients and their carers and families [.pdf]
  • Full versions of SIGN Guidelines and publications are available from the website.

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