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6) Dressing: choosing clothes video

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Choosing clothes
Some clothes are easier to put on one handed. Here are a few examples.
T-shirts which are stretchy or polo shirts which only have a few buttons are good choices.
If they have a colour or pattern on the sleeve and collar it is easier for the person to see the edges of the clothes.
Labels on the back of collars can help the person to find back and front more easily.
Short sleeved clothes are usually easier to put on than long sleeves.
Pockets on the front of a shirt may help the person to get the buttons in the right order.
It is usually easier to put on clothes which are a size larger than the person would normally wear, especially if the material does not stretch.

Ladies underwear
Often the most difficult clothing for ladies to put on with one hand is a bra.
Some ladies with limited hand grip can manage to fasten the bra at the front then turn it around the waist and put the straps over each arm.
Here are some possible alternatives.

  • Stretch cropped tops.
  • Strapless bra.
  • Vest top with built in bra cups.

Front fastening bras are difficult to find. Some ladies can manage seamless sports bras. Bras can be adapted by a dressmaker to fasten one handed using clips and Velcro.

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