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Daily living activities

13) Kitchen equipment

Examples of adaptive kitchen equipment

Photos are provided with permission from NRS Healthcare: https://www.nrshealthcare.co.uk

  • Try using a seat or a perching stool at the cooker or worktop. (pictured)
  • A kitchen trolley can be useful for moving items around safely. It can also be used in other rooms to carry several items at the same time. (pictured)
  • A good pair of kitchen scissors can be great for opening packets or for cutting some foods rather than chopping with a knife.
  • Non slip mats are useful on worktops for the person who can use only one hand.
  • Consider using a smaller, lighter kettle which is easier to lift and pour. A travel size kettle is ideal for one person. Cordless kettles are usually safer for people with limited hand control. Even if the person is unable to make a hot drink they may be able to use a pre-filled thermos flask which has a pump action.
  • Light weight saucepans, two handed saucepans or pans with see through lids are available to buy. If the person has difficulty lifting, try using a metal cooking basket inside the saucepan to put vegetables or pasta in. They only have to lift the basket to drain the food rather than lifting a pan of hot water. (pictured)
  • Use heat proof gloves these are easier to use one handed than oven gloves joined together.
  • Try to use a microwave. This is quicker and is usually easier to get hot food in and out of rather than a conventional oven. It is also good for small portions and reduces the amount of saucepans and dishes they would otherwise have to use. There is a device for lifting plates out of a microwave using one hand. (Buckingham Coolhand ) (pictured)
  • Battery operated one handed can openers are an excellent tool.
  • Kitchen tongs with long handles can be easier to use when turning meat in a pan or on a grill than a fish slice or flat spatula.
  • A device to hold a saucepan steady (Pan handle holder) on the cooker is useful for the person who can only use one hand. (pictured)
  • Food processors can be helpful for all kinds of kitchen tasks but they can be difficult to use at first. They have sharp utensils and can be difficult to clean. They can help with chopping and preparing vegetables. Some people prefer to buy frozen ready prepared vegetables which are a good alternative. Supermarkets now sell packs of raw chopped vegetables but these are usually more expensive.
  • A slow cooker can be useful as this can be used on a worktop to prevent bending with hot food into an oven. Once all the preparation has been done it can be left on and a hot meal is ready hours later. This cooking method is good if the person gets tired easily and cannot stand at a cooker while the food is cooking.This is served from the container which the food has been cooked in. Usually the meat and vegetables are also cooked in the same pot and they do not have to be chopped up so small.
  • Food steamers are a way to cook healthily and different foods can be cooked at the same time.