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Spiritual care support

8) Spiritual support networks – Chaplaincy


Multi faith chapliancy

In hospitals the chaplaincy service offers spiritual or pastoral care whatever your life situation. The support is entirely person centered and will reflect a faith approach to life only if it is important to you or if you request it. They are familiar with giving comfort and could discuss difficult issues or questions about the meaning and purpose of life. They are often very familiar with the needs of people who are experiencing illness, distress and changes in life’s path including care at the end of life.  Alternatively they can put you in touch with representatives of any faith or belief group in the community.

In larger hospitals the chaplaincy service may include several faiths working together from the same office or base. Sanctuary spaces or multi – faith rooms offering the facility for quietness, prayer or meditation are also available in some hospitals. Many care homes in the community also have regular pastoral visits and an individual or family member can arrange for a personal visit if the person prefers privacy.

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