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Physical deficits

18) How can you assist with regaining mobility?

  • If the person has exercises to do you canĀ encourage them to follow the instructions given.
  • Ask the therapist if there is anything you can do to help.
  • Make sure the person does not get up to exercise on their own unless their balance is safe to do so. They may need to be closely supervised especially in the early stages at home. As their balance improves they should need less support.
  • Be aware that they should not attempt to do too much too soon. Follow the guidelines from the therapists.
  • Make sure that they have good supporting footwear- if in doubt the therapist will be able to provide advice.
  • Only help someone walk if you have been shown how to do so by the therapist.
  • Foot care is important. If the feet are painful this could affect walking. Skin and nail care are especially important if the person is diabetic.
  • Look for ways to remove obstacles at home such as loose rugs which could be a trip hazard.