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Spiritual care support

1) Introduction

Close up view showing joined hands of elderly couple

After the person has a stroke, it can be difficult to come to terms with how this may affect your life as well as theirs. It is a major and unexpected life event for the person and for those closest to them. As well as the physical after effects, some people find themselves questioning their previously held beliefs. Spirituality may be described as the person’s inner strength, their contentedness in life or perhaps faith.Therefor after a stroke  you or the person who has had the stroke may find common questions and feelings which you may want to attempt to address. You may want to consider “spiritual “support to find ways to make sense of what has happened. All of us can have experienced “spirituality” in different ways.

You do not have to belong to a particular religion or faith to be a spiritual person or have spiritual needs during a time of change in your life.

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