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Visual Problems

2) Problems with eye movements

Diagram of eye muscles
The eyes have 6 muscles which control all our eye movements. After a stroke these small eye muscles can be weakened or paralysed in the same way as other muscles in the body if the nerve supply is not sending impulses automatically. Usually one eye is working normally but the other is not moving at the same time or the same speed. This causes scanning and double vision problems (Diplopia). This then impacts on daily tasks such as reading and walking.

Sometimes the eye movements are not controlled and become very fast or very slow. The eye may appear to flicker or wobble. The person may look as if they are gazing in one direction.Or they may look as if they have a squint.

Treatment may include eye patches or partial patches on glasses. Prismatic glasses or eye exercises. Referral to an eye specialist can help, ask your doctor about this.

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