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Memory strategies

1) Introduction

We all forget things at some time. We all have our own ways to try to remember the important things. By understanding a little about how we learn and how memory works this will help to suggest ways to recall what it is we want to remember.

The brain doesn’t have one area just devoted to memory. It has many areas linked together with our senses. After a stroke if one of these areas or senses is┬ádamaged this can reduce the ability to remember or re-learn. Sometimes if the brain has several mini strokes or TIA’s this causes small areas in different parts of the brain to be damaged due to lack of oxygen and cells are destroyed. If the stroke has occurred in one area of the brain this may affect the pathways between different parts of the brain associated with memory. Memory also relies on electrical signals in the brain sending messages and chemical signals between cells. Sometimes new memory pathways can be made to take over from damaged areas.

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