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Communication strategies

3) Communication problems after stroke – Aphasia

Aphasia ( which is sometimes also known as Dysphasia) affects the persons ability to use and understand spoken and written language. Sometimes the ability to use numbers can be affected.

Aphasia can be divided into the following:

  • Expressive Aphasia. The person has difficulty using words and sentences. Getting their message across to others. Finding words they need to use even when they know exactly what they want to say.
  • Receptive Aphasia. The person has difficulty understanding words and sentences. What is being said to them seems different and difficult to make sense of.
  • Global Aphasia. The person has difficilty using and understanding words and sentences. They have difficulty taking information and forming ideas to communicate with others. All areas of communication will be affected by global aphasia, which is the most severe form of aphasia.

Over the next pages you will see film clips of people with Aphasia describing how it affected them.