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Moving and handling

7) Manoeuvring a wheelchair

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In this film we see how to manoeuvre a wheelchair up and down a kerb or raised surface using the tip bar.
You will need to use your legs and back rather than just your arms to tilt the wheelchair back. It is important that you know your own limitations. If you do not feel safe or if the person is heavier than you, you will need help. If moving a wheelchair off a kerb on to a road, be aware of traffic and other road dangers and take extra care.


“OK Joanne and Fran.” “What we are going to do today is we’re just going to go over the technique of how you would manoeuvre up a small kerb when you are out and about in the wheelchair Fran OK.” “So you would, obviously come forward towards the kerb.” “Now you need to get the wheels as far forward as possible, just until you feel them touching against the kerb.” “As you can see there are two tilt bars on the back of the wheelchair, one on either side.” “Now that is just to assist with lifting the front of the wheelchair slightly higher so you can accommodate kerbs and bumps in the road, when you are out and about” “So what you want to do , as I’ve said , the small wheels are right up against the kerb.” “You pop your foot on the back of the tilt bar and gently push down and that just raises the wheels up and you just travel forward with the chair on to the road.”


“OK Joanne if there’s ever a time where you need to, you’re coming across an area where you need to change level in the wheelchair, it’s always safest to take Fran down backwards in the chair.” “So I’ll just show you how to do that.” “We’d come back just nice and slowly, let the back wheels come down just controlling it.” “Again you can use the tilt bar just to allow the front wheels to come down nice and gently, so the manoeuvre is nice and smooth.”

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