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12) Telecare equipment

Examples of telecare equipment

In some areas of Scotland, local authorities have funded telecare equipment. This may include:

  • Home alarm systems so the person can get help if they fall or feel unwell and cannot get to a phone for help. They can be linked to alert a neighbour or nominated carer when they are set off. Some are linked to a central call centre who will send a 24 hour warden to the house when activating the alarm. Home alarms are also available to buy privately.
  • Smoke alarms, heat sensors and flood warning sensors for sinks and baths.
  • Isolation switches for cookers.
  • Falls monitors.
  • Pressure mats which can be placed on a chair, bed or on a near the bathroom door. This can alert a carer when a person has got up or is moving around.
  • Epilepsy alarm which can be fitted to a bed in case the person has a seizure during the night.
  • Door sensors, to show when a person has left a door open or has gone out of the door for longer than an agreed┬átime.
  • Medication devices which give an audible reminder when to take medication.

There may be a monthly or weekly charge for the use of telecare equipment, check with your local authority for details of what is available and any costs. For more information please see Topic 4: Care At Home – Housing – Telecare alarms, electronic devices on this website.

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