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4) Getting help and advice

Get as much advice as you can about your local options. The local authority is a good starting point for your needs assessment. This will help you to think about your needs in relation to the effects of the stroke and also about facilities inside and outside the home.For example access to services, transport links, shopping and so on. When you change house will you be able to stay in your existing GP catchment area? If you have difficulty walking, is the area hilly or flat? Where are the nearest shops?

The following are useful contacts when looking at options for alternative housing.

  • Shelter– not only for homeless but can give information about housing for the disabled. Getting a mortgage, rights in rented accommodation and a useful accessibility checklist to use when you are considering or viewing a property. Telephone 0808 800 4444 to speak to an advisor.
  • Elderly Accommodation Counsel Housing Care– For all aspects of housing including fact sheets and guides to some of the topics covered in this section. Telephone 0800 377 7070
  • Abbeyfield Scotland – A registered social landlord and charity which provides accommodation for older people mainly in sheltered homes or extra care facilities. Most have less than 10 residents.Telephone 0131 225 7801
  • Cairn Housing Association – Offers sheltered accommodation and extra sheltered. Some properties offer respite care or short term temporary accommodation. Rented and part ownership are offered.Telephone 0800 990 3405
  • Margaret Blackwood Housing Association – Accessible properties in mixed community settings. Support services to allow equality for disabled people. Properties are managed and maintained. Telephone 0131 317 7227
  • Hanover ( Scotland) Housing Association – Specialist designed housing for people with a range of disability and ages, includes family housing. Choice of rented, shared ownership, shared equity and fully owned housing. Telephone 0131 557 0598
  • Viewpoint Housing Association– Property for elderly from amenity to sheltered and twenty four hour care. They have some wheelchair accessible property and general needs housing for anyone over 16 years. Properties are in the Lothians and Fife area. Telephone 0131 668 4247
  • First stop care advice– This site has excellent free downloads with independent information for carers on lots of aspects about housing, finance and care.
  • McCarthy and Stone – Builders who design and sell retirement and assisted living properties. They have a service which can help you to make all the moving arrangements. Two bedroom properties are also available. Telephone 0800 201 4811
  • Housing Support Scotland – The House Key – This is a Scottish government site which aims to help people live as independently as possible and provides support services information

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